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You can delete individual searches from your Web History rather than delete all of your Web History. You can browse your search queries individually by Types(Web, video,   images, etc. and Date for individually clearing off your search queries. 
Here s how to do it. Visit your Web History page at (Login with your Google account credentials. Use the checkboxes to select searches that you want to remove. … ser=538050   Click Remove items at the top of the page. Clear entire Google Search History. If you don t prefer fishing out individually all the searches you want to clear off, 
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Visit your Web History page at. In the top right corner of your Web History page, click the gear Settings.   Click Delete all . then click the Delete all button to confirm. Safeguard your Future Search by not storing them. 
How many times have you actually went through your old search history. If I m not guessing wrong, you have hardly done it.;u=174   At least, I have never looked into my past search history, and it doesn t make sense to keep it. 
Either you can follow above two steps, anytime and wipe off your personal browsing history after certain period of time, or you can simply stop Google search from storing your Googling history.   If this is what you need, you can disallow Google to store your search queries online. Visit your Web History page at. 
In the top right corner of your Web History page, click the gear Settings. Click Turn off.   Deleting Search History from browser. All above tips are useful to wipe off your footsteps online, but at the same time you should also be deleting history from your browser. Be it Chrome or Firefox, 
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click on Delete button. Click on Delete History button to delete all of your web browsing history. Go to Tools Clear Recent History (Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Del.   Select Clear recent History. Now check the options you want to delete. It is recommended to check Browsing and Download History, 
Form and search history, Cookies, Cache options.   Click Clear Now button. Click on the wrench icon given at the top right. Select Options from the drop down menu. 
In the option panel go to Under the hood tab. Click on Clear browsing data. Use Private browsing to Access Private Sites. … -Mjmjm510o   When you are browsing or doing any research which you don t want anyone to know or ever find out, use private browsing mode. These days all modern web-browser offers private browsing feature, 
to ensure your web activity stay private. In Chrome browser, private browsing is termed as Incognito mode.   Browsing privately on your browser would not require you to do all of the above mentioned methods and simply the precaution to the problem. The private browsing depends individually from different browsers and here s how you can do it. Click on the gear icon, 
located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select the Safety option.


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